Double Weekly instagram #13 – #14

Ansia. Tesi sì, Tesi no? Questo è il dilemma di questi giorni per cui, ovviamente, sto un po’ trascurando blog, foto e qualsiasi cosa vi venga in mente! Io e il pc in questi giorni siamo due cose lontane vi lascio immaginare, spero di tornare presto (e con calma..) per SCRIVERE davvero un post in questi giorni mi sto limitando a poche, rapidissime frasi! Buona domenica!

Anxiety. Thesis yes, Thesis not. This is a question! So in these days I’m really stressed, I’m neglecting blog, photos and everything else! You can imagine.. So I hope to write a new post as soon as possible! Have a nice sunday!

Some of my shoes! 
 Wings ring from you can see the look here 

My lovely snake sandals from Luciano Barachini.
You can see in my outfit: the shorts here; the bag here and sandals here.

In love with my zip bracelet from, you can see it on my outfit here.
 I’m studying for my thesis.
 I’m waiting for mu curly hair. You can see my outfit here. 
 Always smile.
 My little friend Paolo.
New Barachini Sandals. Hope to show you them soon! Can’t wait! 
 Barachini snake sandals, you can see the look here.
 My new 21diamonds ring.
Saturday night out.
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